Rhinebeck 2016

Oh my goodness Rhinebeck! If you haven't been to Rhinebeck before I am really should plan on going. Rhinebeck is code for the New York Sheep and Wool Festival. The festival is a magical place. For me it is like my Instagram feed in real life! Instead of seeing a post by Mary Jane Mucklestone on IG, she is sitting right next to me watching the leaping llamas just like me! Taking the same pictures on her phone! It is a place that I get to meet my favorite pod casters in person and chat with them. It is a place where it is totally acceptable to act like a teenager at a boy band concert at the pod-caster meet up. You are even aloud to ooh and awe over what people are wearing, take pictures of complete strangers, take pictures of sheep goats and llamas, giggle, buy yarn, get stopped by lots of people that ask you what knitting pattern you are wearing, eat donuts guilt free, giggle, stalk people, giggle some more, have a few more donuts you were going to bring home as a souvenirs to your kids, buy more yarn, and be totally and utterly happy for two days.  Did I also say you get to talk to Amy Beth (aka the Fat Squirrel) and chat about how amazing her picture with Steven West was on Instagram. That seriously happened. Oh and I may have sat next to Sara from Yarns at Yin Hoo (you will see the blurry picture of her spinning yarn at the Leaping Llamas. Her brackets were fantastic!)

This year my sister, Leanne, rented a house and got a group of women together to stay at the house for the weekend. I had never met some of the people that stayed at the house, but wouldn't you know it if you put a group of knitters together in a house you all turn into instant friends! We all parted ways on Sunday with big hugs and saying we can't wait til next year! 

I am so grateful that there are festivals like this. I am also very grateful for Instagram!!! Also for my new cell phone that actually works so I could see on IG all the people that would be there and I could stalk :) I also was able to find Spunky Eclectic Fiber!! That was a huge bonus!!!! I met so many new people this weekend and my fiber community has grown in leaps and bounds. 

You have to swing by my sister's site for more pictures of the house we stayed at and pictures of us at the festival!!! Here is her link ArrowAcresFarm.

You can also check out my pictures on Instagram (since I haven't figured out how to link them to my computer yet).  Check me out at AndeeKF.

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